About Us

Rustic Antiques the physical store is not your typical antique shop. It is old, rusty, and unusual; you can step back in time to grandma’s era and the good old farming days. As you wonder, there are old things inside and out. 


Purchased in 2016, Rustic Antiques is located at 110 Melbourne St East Maitland NSW 2323. Work was completed on the 100yr old + building to make it fit the aesthetics of a rustic country style antique shop. Prior to its current standing as Rustic Antiques, it was a local butcher, followed by a framing gallery.

Our owner, Leonie has a long history in retail management. Couple that with what she was taught by her father Ross Taylor, Collector Extraordinaire of Duckenfield about antiques, she has made this dream a reality.

Rustic Antiques Today

Rustic Antiques currently employs 2 staff to help run the business with displays, picking, unpacking, and pricing stock is a big job some days.

The shop is thoughtfully laid out with merchandise grouped together where possible. You can have a joyful experience and totally lose yourself in the wonder of antiques.

Our favourite saying is “rust and dust is a must”.